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News and important information of the year 2015


+++ Circular Letter December 2015 +++
Prüfer & Partner is a partnership with limited liability since November 30, 2015

We would like to inform you that, since November 30, 2015, we are a partnership with limited liability, registered under no. 1473 in the partnership register of the local court München.

Please note that, consequently, our name has been changed. It is now registered in the name of “Prüfer & Partner mbB Patentanwälte · Rechtsanwälte”.

This change of form has no effect on all existing client relationships. All mandates will now be handled by the Prüfer & Partner mbB. 

With this new legal form you benefit from a legally anchored high minimum insurance coverage of 2.5 million Euro. However, we decided to provide an insurance policy covering up to 10 million Euro for an individual claim, and up to 50 million Euro in total. This is more than we had to date and goes far beyond the legally required minimum coverage.

If you have any further questions, we would be pleased to answer them. We are looking forward to a continuous good cooperation.


+++ Rundschreiben November 2015 +++
Mitteilung bezüglich Patentanmeldungen in Indien


Für Patentanmeldungen in Indien besteht die Pflicht zur Information über Patentanmeldungen in anderen Staaten (Section 8 des PatentAct of India). Genauer bedeutet dies, dass für den Anmelder bis zur Erteilung eines indischen Patents umfangreiche Verpflichtungen bestehen, das Indische Patentamt über alle Parallelanmeldungen in anderen Staaten zu unterrichten. Diese Verpflichtung ist nicht neu, jedoch haben in jüngster Zeit ergangene Gerichtsurteile dazu geführt, dass diese Verpflichtung nun sehr viel strenger ausgelegt werden kann, als dies bisher der Fall war.

Zum einen ist der Anmelder verpflichtet, das Indische Patentamt über die bibliographischen Daten und den Status aller Parallelanmeldungen informiert zu halten. Es ist erforderlich, das Indische Patentamt über alle wesentlichen Ereignisse im Zusammenhang mit Patentanmeldungen in anderen Staaten (Anmeldung, Veröffentlichung der Anmeldung, Erteilung, Einspruch etc.) zeitnah in Kenntnis zu setzen.

Zum anderen ist der Anmelder verpflichtet, das Indische Patentamt über den Fortgang der Verfahren vor den Patentbehörden anderer Staaten zu informieren, insoweit dabei Stand der Technik behandelt wird, der für die Frage der Neuheit und der erfinderischen Tätigkeit relevant ist. Dazu ist es erforderlich, Recherchen, Berichte, Bescheide, eingereichte Eingaben, Anspruchsbeschränkungen etc. aus diesen Verfahren dem Indischen Patentamt vorzulegen. Dem ist nicht dadurch Genüge getan, dass die erforderlichen Unterlagen in den öffentlichen Online-Registern der Patentbehörden der anderen Staaten einsehbar sind, sie müssen dem Indischen Patentamt tatsächlich übermittelt werden und es müssen, sollten die Unterlagen nicht in englischer Sprache vorliegen, englische Übersetzungen eingereicht werden.

Selbst wenn ein Prüfer des Indischen Patentamts im Erteilungsverfahren eine mangelnde Erfüllung dieser Verpflichtung nicht bemängelt, kann in einem Einspruchs- oder Nichtigkeitsverfahren die Ungültigkeit des Patents aufgrund mangelnder Erfüllung dieser Verpflichtung festgestellt werden.

Aus Obigem ergibt sich, dass die Erfüllung insbesondere der zweitgenannten Verpflichtung mit einem hohen Kostenaufwand, der sich zum einen aus der mit dieser Tätigkeit verbundenen Zeit und zum anderen aus Übersetzungskosten zusammensetzt, zu rechnen ist, wenn das Patent in Indien nicht wegen mangelnder Erfüllung der Verpflichtung möglicherweise ungültig sein soll. Die mit der Änderung der Rechtsprechung verbundenen zusätzlichen Kosten in einer indischen Patentanmeldung sind derzeit nicht vorhersehbar, da sie von der Entwicklung etwaiger Parallelanmeldungen abhängen.

Wir bitten Sie jedoch, bereits jetzt bei geplanten Anmeldungen in Indien diese höheren Kosten einzuplanen.


+++ Circular Letter January 2015 +++

We’re ready – Bring on the new European patent system

With an attorney with litigation experience joining us as Equity Partner and further reinforcement by patent attorneys, we are perfectly equipped for the new EU patent system and patent litigation before the Unified Patent Court. With that we are continuing our development from a traditional patent law firm into an interdisciplinary IP firm and heralding in a new era in our firm’s history.

The new European patent system
The new patent system consisting of EU Patent and a central patent court, UPC (Unified Patent Court), is on the starting blocks. Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Mannheim and Munich have meanwhile been established as the four local chambers of the UPC. In addition, Munich will be a seat of the Central Chamber. One can expect the procedures before the UPC to be more complex in legal terms and subject to a more stringent time regime. To successfully litigate disputes before this court, bigger teams will be needed in the future to be able to cope with the extensive procedures with short response times.

Attorney Andreas Jacob becomes Equity Partner
At the turn of the year we are strengthening our litigation competencies with the incorporation of our associate attorney over many years, Andreas Jacob, in the equity partnership. In recent years, P&P has run numerous procedures with Andreas Jacob to enforce patent, trademark and other industrial property rights. In the area of patent litigation, he formed teams with experienced patent attorneys and strengthened the firm’s procedural expertise significantly. In that way, our firm has built up extensive specialist and tactical litigation knowhow. As an attorney specialized in Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition Law, he will in the future lead the litigation department and prepare the litigation practice for the first UPC cases to be expected. The practice of our attorneys further involves two experienced attorneys.

Our new patent attorneys
Already last year we integrated the experienced patent attorneys, Dr. Alexandra Nißl and Dipl.-Phys. Dirk C. Söltenfuss, into our team. With our team being strengthened by patent attorney, Olaf Ungerer, in January 2015 we keep up with the growth of our clients at attorney level. These new members increase our interdisciplinary team of patent attorneys to in total 13 professionals.

Patent attorney Dr. Alexandra Nißl, LL.M. (mechanical engineering)
During her education as a technical draughtswoman, a degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate in the Chair of Product Development at the Technical University Munich, as well as her industry experience in engineering, Dr. Nißl acquired extensive technical knowhow.. Her expertise covers, in particular, the handling of industrial property right applications and support for granting and appeal procedures. During her work in industrial property rights protection, Dr. Nißl has since 2005 gained extensive experience in numerous appeal, nullity and infringement procedures. She is a member of the examination board for the European Qualifying Examination.

Patent attorney Dirk C. Söltenfuss (physics)
As a patent attorney licensed in Germany and Europe, he was been working since 2000 in the areas of mechanics, control electronics, semiconductor technology, automotive technology, weapons systems, measuring technology and optical systems. His focal points thereby form the development of applications, handling of granting and appeal procedures, as well as litigation for German, European and international patents, utility models and trademarks, including regularly attending hearings. He possesses many years of experience in supporting SMEs and companies operating worldwide.

Patent attorney Olaf Ungerer (electrical engineering)
His technical focus comprises, in particular, mobile telephony and high-frequency technology, as well as the software and IT area. He possesses over 23 years of professional experience in developing, enforcing and defending German, European and international patent applications and is a proven specialist for patent evaluation, portfolio management and patent opinions focusing on freedom-to-operate (FTO) and standard relevance. He is a member of the DIN committee “Patent Evaluation”, which has drawn up a corresponding German standard DIN 77100. Olaf Ungerer is a regular lecturer in Management Circle.

With them, our clients now have an even more powerful team of experienced patent attorneys at their disposal, which is perfectly equipped even for larger and more complex disputes.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for any more questions on this topic. We look forward to the future collaboration with you and remain in the names of the partners

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Dorothea Hofer, Patent Attorney
Andreas Jacob, Attorney-at-law (Germany)
Jürgen Feldmeier, Patent Attorney
Dr. Andreas Oser, Patent Attorney


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