Prüfer & Partner

Law firm with bandwidth

The chambers Prüfer & Partner was founded in 1972 by patent attorney, physicist and master optician, Lutz H. Prüfer as a pure patent attorney’s office and has quickly developed into an internationally oriented medium-sized law firm in the field of intellectual property law.

A successful generation change took place in the years 1998 to 2002, when Prüfer & Partner was taken over by the patent attorneys Dr. Dorothea Hofer, Jürgen Feldmeier and Dr. Andreas Oser. Since then, Prüfer & Partner has grown continuously from less than 20 to now more than 60 employees.

In 2006, the office moved to the Murenhof, a listed building, only 200 meters away from the Munich Solln station, in order to provide the growing office with adequate premises.

A further milestone was achieved in 2015: through the inclusion of lawyer Andreas Jacob as a partner, Prüfer & Partner has now entrenched his legal know-how, established at an associate-level since 2006, at a partner level. This ensures the continuity of the patent and legal services for the future.

The result: a medium-sized law firm with a stable global network of partners which advises their clients not only when registering their intellectual property rights before the offices, but also efficiently supports their clients on all issues relating to intellectual property rights protection, and also defends and enforces the
IP rights of their clients in court.

Our values for your success

Passion and care for your idea

With Prüfer & Partner, you can expect a strong and carefully selected community of patent attorneys, lawyers and technical specialists. We represent your interests at the highest level, we are familiar with the support of complex and demanding mandates, and work with great commitment.

Diligence and expertise play an important role in industrial property law protection. Therefore, our patent attorneys and lawyers work strictly according to “German quality standards”: thorough, punctual, cost-efficient.

It is clear to us that our employees’ commitment requires balancing. That is why we cultivate familiar structures and a lively exchange in the team – and create favourable conditions for our employees with effective work-life balance offers (for example part-time models, remote options or in-house childcare). 

And because we know that the road to success cannot be taken for granted, we pass on a part of our success to people who require help. For this reason, Prüfer & Partner has been sponsoring an SOS Children's Village and social institutions, such as the “Aktion Kinderschutz e.V.”, “Hoffnung für Menschen e.V.”, a workshop for the blind and a children's home for many years.