Physics, Optics

As a cornerstone for products and services, basic research occupies a key position in the economy – and requires appropriate protection from patents. The high level of innovation in basic research places particularly high demands on the expertise of an IP law firm.

While determining the assembly of our employees, we at Prüfer & Partner have therefore taken care to provide you with experts who receive first-class training and a profound theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the relevant technology. 

  • Daten- und Signalübertragung
  • Halbleitertechnologien
  • LCD- und LED-Technologie
  • Lithographietechniken
  • Kryptografie
  • Mikrosystemtechnik
  • Optik und optische Messtechnik
  • Optik und Optoelektronik
  • Physikalische Chemie
  • Rapid Prototyping und Additive Manufacturing
  • Sensorik
  • Software- und computerbezogene Erfindungen
  • Steuerungen
  • Wehrtechnik und Schutzsysteme

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