Dr. Gunther Schöllhammer

Dr. rer. nat., Mag. rer. nat. (Chemistry)



  • materials science
  • inorganic chemistry
  • general chemistry

Dr. Gunther Schöllhammer has been working as a Patent professional at Prüfer & Partner since June 2015 and is undergoing training as a German Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney.
Prior to that, he worked in the engineering industry as research engineer and patent professional.
After completing his doctorate at the University of Vienna, he worked there as a research associate at the Institute for Physical Chemistry.
He also completed his diploma in chemistry at the University of Vienna.

G. Schöllhammer et al., Journal of Alloys and Compounds 480, 111 (2009)
G. Schöllhammer et al., Physical Review B 84, 094122 (2011)
T. Kerscher et al., Physical Review B 86, 014107 (2012)

German, English, French 


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